Building Materials for Barn Are Delivered

The building materials for the next phase of construction of the new Piatt County Museum were delivered this week.

A gambrel barn will be erected on the existing 12-foot concrete foundation.

The barn will be the main exhibit space for the artifacts.

The barn and existing Education and Visitors Center will be joined together to create one two-story 15,000 square foot building.

Construction will begin the week of September 9th.


Welcome to the Piatt County Museum Website!

Welcome to the Piatt County Museum!

Our mission is to preserve Piatt County heritage by deepening our knowledge of the past and achieving public appreciation of the value history brings to our lives.

Why Museums Matter

  • Museums are the #1 reason tourists visit Illinois.
  • Cultural and heritage tourism is one of the fastest growing segments of the travel industry.
  • Millions of visitors come each year to explore Illinois’ museums, historic sites, science centers, zoos and arboreta.
  • Illinois museums are a major economic engine for Illinois.
  • Visitors to Illinois's museums fuel local economies, shopping, dining and staying overnight in our communities.
  • Museums provide educational opportunities to millions of children and adults, deepening our knowledge and expanding our horizons.
  • Museums preserve our culture and heritage.
  • Small museums hold the greatest proportion of America’s cultural and heritage material.
  • Museums employ thousands of Illinoisans, who conserve our state’s treasures, educate residents and visitors of all ages and make our rich stories accessible to millions each year.
  • Museums remain the most trusted institutions in America and a neutral ground for a free and fair exchange of ideas.